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About the earrings

All earrings are handcafted by Naomi using handmade and hand printed Japanese paper.

They are then coated with varnish to protect them from the elements.

You may choose either sterling silver or gold plated findings for all earrings.

The earrings come presented in an attractive box as shown.

Beaded Origami Earrings Beaded Origami Earrings Back
Price: €24 Paper Choice

Gemstones 4mm  Lapis Lazuli 4mm  Carnelian 8mm  Tiger Eye 8mm  Agate 8mm  Amethyst 8mm  Jade 8mm  Onyx 8mm  Rose Quartz 8mm  Turquoise A 8mm  Turquoise B Cloisonné  8mm Red Blue Black White

Cloisonné Beads

Each handmade cloisonné bead can take up to four hours to produce. Dozens of tiny cells are arranged on the bead's surface, filled with enamel colour, and fired. Then each bead is polished, revealing beautiful designs. As each bead is handmade, no two are exactly the same.

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