Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is often called the "Love Stone." It is a stone of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra to all forms of love. In turn, this lowers stress. All in all it is a very soothing and happy stone.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye lets you see everything. Use it for insight and you can be a very lucky person. When used in jewelry the tiger eye may bring good luck and protection from the evil eye to the wearer. It also known to bring clear thinking and insight.


This is THE stone everyone should have for protection.

Agates attract strength. Agate is a protection from bad dreams. It also protects from stress and energy drains.


Onyx is traditionally associated with release from
sorrow & grief and used as a defence from negativity.


Sodalite is the stone of athletics, as it stimulates endurance. It is said sodalite will harmonize the inner being or the conscious and subconscious mind. Sodalite promotes peace and harmony. Sodalite is extra lucky for writers.


The amethyst has long been used to open the spiritual and psychic centers, making it one of the power stones.

The amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli

The very earliest cultures valued lapis lazuli more highly than gold. When working or meditating with Lapis Lazuli, it can bring matters more clearly to the mind. It is one of the most powerful stones.


Turquoise is considered a good general healer for all illnesses. Induces wisdom and understanding, enhances trust and kindness. Brings the qualities of mental and spiritual clarity.


Carnelian provides the wearer with confidence, initiative, and assertiveness, by revitalizing your being. Also enhances mental clarity and positive emotions, promoting a brighter outlook.


Jade is an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract love. It can also be used to bring money into your life.

Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune.