Bookmark Gemstone meanings

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Beautifully handcrafted bookmarks with Japanese paper, origami & gemstones

Amethyst & Citrine

For the spirit, confidence & power

Amethyst & Clear Quartz

For the spirit & dispelling negativity

Amethyst & Rose Quartz

For the spirit, love & romance

Aquamarine & Clear Quartz

For communication & dispelling negativity

Aquamarine & Sodalite

For communication & self esteem

Aventurine & Rose Quartz

For luck, insight, love & romance

Carnelian & Amethyst

For physical energy & the spirit

Carnelian & Citrine

For physical energy, confidence & power

Carnelian & Rose Quartz For physical energy, love & romance

Carnelian & Tiger Eye

For physical energy, protection, wealth & success


For overall balance

Garnet & Clear Quartz

For stability & dispelling negativity

Garnet & Peridot

For stability and purity of heart & mind

Jade & Quartz For love, wealth, protection & dispelling negativity

Lapis Lazuli & Citrine

For truth, clarity, confidence & power

Peridot & Clear Quartz

For purity of heart & mind & dispelling negativity

Peridot, Pink Touramaline & Aquamarine

For purity of heart & mind, love, joy, peace & communication

Pink Touramaline & Clear Quartz

For love, joy, peace & dispelling negativity

Tiger Eye & Mother of Pearl

For protection, wealth, success & prosperity

Turquoise & Mother of Pearl

For money, success & attracting prosperity